Tips for purchasing the best mattress

We spend a good portion of our lives sleeping, but often times we neglect just how important having the best mattress to fit our sleeping style. Having the wrong mattress can affect healing, restlessness, a feeling of constantly being tired, even aches and pains.

Some of the popular and best mattress choices today vary on what your specific sleeping habits are.

Purple tends to help with pressure relief and is customizable whereas Helix is reportedly best for couples. Some of the best mattress-inquirer memory foam mattresses are produced by Novosbed.

If you tend to be a heavy sleeper, you may not realize that the pain during the day you experience could be caused by your sleeping habits/bed, it’s always important to pay attention to if you sleep somewhere else, for example, a hotel or at a friend’s, if the pain changes, it is imperative to look into getting a new bed that will fit your purpose. For light sleepers, beds that tend to have a bit more bounce may make sleeping difficult because any small movement seems like an earthquake on the wrong bed.

If you tend to do a bit of everything, shifting constantly in your sleep you’ll want to find something that is versatile, many beds will offer a variety of firmness levels, it doesn’t just go from firm to soft but most companies take it in steps, finding the middle ground would help when you are shifting regularly in your sleep.

When choosing your best mattress you’ll want to consider a few things; firstly, how firm do you want it? Some people find that a pillow-top is ideal, though they offer a good amount of cushion they also can be a bit firm underneath. Memory foam will conform to you, but if you’re like me and have a cat constantly pushing you off the edge, it tends to remember that small dent and makes it easier for you to fall out. Cost is always a factor, but remember that this should last you about 10 years, so the investment tends to be worth it.

Whatever you choose, mattresses life-span is best to be replaced approximately every ten years for optimal comfort.