A basket contains six apples and four peaches. You randomly select one piece of fruit and eat it. Then you randomly select another piece of fruit. The first piece of fruit is an apple and the second piece is a peach. Find the probability of this occuring.

Accepted Solution

Answer as a fraction: 4/15Answer as a decimal: 0.267The decimal version is approximate rounded to three decimal places.=============================================================Explanation:6 apples, 4 peaches6+4 = 10 pieces of fruit totalThe probability of picking an apple is 6/10 = 3/5After you pick and eat the apple, there are 10-1 = 9 pieces of fruit left. Also, the probability of picking a peach is 4/9, as there are 4 peaches out of 9 fruit left over. Multiply out 3/5 and 4/9 to get (3/5)*(4/9) = (3*4)/(5*9) = 12/45 = 4/15Using a calculator, 4/15 = 0.267 approximately.