Albert, Becka, Candis, and Danny are traveling to different places on different types of transportation. Theyeither went by train, car, plane or ship. Use the following clues to determine what type of transportation Alberused. You must show work to support your solution, for example, a table might help you organize the clues.a) Candis paid more for her mode of transportation than those who traveled by ship or train.b) Danny did not travel by ship and paid more than Becka.c) Becka did not travel by car, which was the least expensive way to travel.

Accepted Solution

Answer:   Albert traveled by carStep-by-step explanation:Candis, Danny, and Becka are all named as paying more than somebody else. The car is the least expensive way to travel so the one person that did not pay more than somebody must have gone by car.Albert used a car for transportation._____Becka went by ship; Candis went by plane (most expensive); Danny went by train (more expensive than by ship).