Problem PageA supply company manufactures copy machines. The unit cost C (the cost in dollars to make each copy machine) depends on the number of machines made. If x machines are made, then the unit cost is given by the function C (x) = 0.5x^2-150 + 21,035. How many machines must be made to minimize the unit cost?Do not round your answer.

Accepted Solution

Answer:1 machine must be made to minimise the unit cost.Step-by-step explanation:Step 1: Identify the functionx is the number of machinesC(x) is the function for unit costC (x) = 0.5x^2-150 + 21,035Step 2: Substitute values in x to find the unit costC (x) = 0.5x^2-150 + 21,035The lowest value of x could be 1To check the lowest cost, substitute x=1 and x=2 in the equation.When x=1C (x) = 0.5x^2-150 + 21,035C (x) = 0.5(1)^2-150 + 21,035C (x) = 20885.5When x=2C (x) = 0.5x^2-150 + 21,035C (x) = 0.5(2)^2-150 + 21,035C (x) = 20887We can see that when the value of x i.e. the number of machines increases, per unit cost increases.Therefore, 1 machine must be made to minimise the unit cost.!!